Please contact me for further information on how our resource can be used to meet your individual curriculum needs.  Outlined are some potential links….

Farming as a business

Abbey Farming provides a great opportunity to consider:

  1. Modern food production
  2. Sustainability of agriculture
  3. Globalisation – the smaller world
  4. Citizenship – responsibilities and rights

Hedgerow / Microclimate investigation

There are literally miles of hedgerows on the farm – old, new, laid offering many opportunities for study.  Investigate how planting a new hedgerow impacts on the microclimate of the surrounding fields.

Woodland Comparison

There are a number of wooded areas on the farm – older woodland and more recently planted spinneys.  These offer areas to compare and contrast and look at the varying plant / wildlife living there.

Land-Use mapping

The farm has a wide variety of land uses and is well suited to the exercise of land-use mapping.  Using older maps of the farm consideration can also be given to how the farm has changed in line with agricultural history.